Sandra Collins Jueves 29 Julio @ Classico la Cuspide

D-Cierto Presenta:
Sandra Collins @ Classico La Cuspide
Jueves 29 de Julio
Cover $350 en Taquilla

Sandra Collins’ in-demand DJing has kept her constantly globetrotting— everywhere from New Zealand to Romania to Mexico. What began as a humble interest morphed into serious business in the 90’s, when Sandra Collins emerged as one of the Los Angeles rave scene’s major players. Sandra is now, without question, one of the most recognized and beloved DJs in the business.
With her incessant worldwide touring, massive press coverage and hundreds of thousands of albums sold, Sandra has solidified her place as one of the most well-known female DJs in the world. The DanceStar Awards awarded her the 2003 Best DJ award over the likes of Louie Devito, Deep Dish and Bad Boy Bill among others. This award is part of a long list of stellar career achievements, which include URB Magazine’s 1999 “Best Female Artist,” an honor she shared with Lauryn Hill. She also hosted the International Dance Music Awards in 2006 with Daniel Glass.
Whenever Sandra’s on the decks, you know you’re in for an unforgettable evening. She held a massively popular residency at legendary NYC club Twilo alongside Sasha & Digweed and Paul Van Dyk. Her memorable sets, such as the six-hour set following Moby in front of 80,000 fans at the ’99 Woodstock Festival, as well as Coachella in 2002 and 2008, are evidence of her ability to convert those new to the scene into true electronic music fans. In 2005, Sandra created an audio-visual collaboration with VJ Vello Virkhaus called “Sv2 Presents: Interference.” This groundbreaking technical show integrated Sandra’s mixing with over a hundred videos created by her and Virkhaus. The cutting-edge show toured for 3 years, garnering much praise, a DJ Times cover and sponsorships from companies like Pioneer and Edirol.
Sandra’s popularity and reputation for bringing out the deeply emotional side of progressive house and trance has earned her a worldwide following. A tireless experimenter who is always in search of new sounds and platforms for her music, Sandra is in a class of her own, whether she’s performing at a music festival, a 10,000-person super club, or an intimate gallery space. She has become a true ambassador for American electronic music.

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